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Privacy Policy

nandupublications.in allows all its users to register with the service using their email addresses or mobile numbers. You may also be required to share / provide contact information as part of a feature that you may be using (example: while availing the coupon service or while claiming a business). You agree that such information given by you to nandupublications.in will always be:

  • Details of yourself and not of a third party unless asked for specifically
  • Accurate, correct and up to date

If you have used your mobile number, it is compulsory that you agree that the service might send you TEXT MESSAGES from time to time.

Based on the method of registration, you also agree that required messages (email messages to email addresses and text messages to mobile numbers) will be sent to these details corresponding to your actions on the service (example: verification details or when using the forgot password feature).

You also agree that nandupublications.in reserves the right to cancel your registration without giving you prior notice if it finds that your activities breach any of the terms in this document.

While nandupublications.in will not share these details with any third party, nandupublications.in may from time to time send messages about the service or third party services. You agree that by giving these details, you may receive these messages from nandupublications.in or third party services approved by nandupublications.in.

You also acknowledge and agree that if required, nandupublications.in will share these details with the government of India without any notification.

Like many other companies, we use "cookie" technology, where our servers deposit special codes on a visitor's computer. This information helps us determine in the aggregate the total number of visitors to the site on an ongoing basis and the types of Internet browsers (e.g., Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) and operating systems (e.g., Windows or MacIntosh) used by our visitors. This information is used to enhance your online visits. Under no circumstances do we use this information to personally identify visitors or cross-reference the information with any type of personal information that is voluntarily offered on or through the website.

We may modify this policy at any time, in our sole discretion and all modifications will be effective immediately upon our posting of the modifications on this website. Unless we specifically provide otherwise, this policy only applies to this website and our online activities, and does not apply to any of our offline activities.